The college has hostels for boys as well as girls. The capacity of boys hostels is 99 beds and that of girls hostel is 108 beds. The students who apply for hostel accommodation must adhere to the following rules and instructions.
1)A student can apply for hostel accommodation, after he/she is admitted in the college.
2)Admission forms for hostel accommodation are available in the college office.
3)Students will be admitted to the hostel on first come first serve basis.
4)The recommendation of warden is necessary for admission to the hostel.
5)The room will be allotted on a due date by the authorities.
6)The residents of the hostel are not permitted to change the room allotted to them without prior permission of the warden.
7)Fresh admission to the hostel will have to be sought in every academic year
8)Every boarder shall have to abide by time–schedule as laid down from time to time.
9)No guest can stay in the hostel without prior permission of the warden
10)The general discipline requirement of the college shall be applicable to boarder as well.
11)Any other rules and regulations as may be deemed necessary by the principal according to the circumstances are to be observed by the resident scholars.
12)Hostel students will not indulge in any act that may come under the definition of ragging.