ANTI-RAGGING(Ragging is a cognizable non-bailable offence)


Keeping in view the fast changing scenario in Profession/Educational Institutions regarding effective checks against possible ragging, and the government of Himachal Pradesh ordinance to that effect, the old anti-ragging, committee has been Revamped with immediate effect, the committee shall take immediate and prompt steps to prevent any case of ragging in the college and if any case of ragging is reported or brought to its notice by any students, Parent or Guardian in waiting, Suitable action will be initiated within 24 Hours after primafaci establishing that such an incident has actually take place Senior College Students as well as outsider can be proceeded against by filling an FIR with the Police and Suspended the offending students. The matter shall also be Reported to higher authorities. Convicted students will be expelled from the college and can face 3 years imprisonment or fine of Rs. 50,000/- or both and also can’t seek admission in any recognised institution of the state of Himachal Pradesh for 3 years. Also Character Certificate (in original) from the institution last attended shall be must while seeking admission to this college. These provision will also be incorporated in the forth coming prospectus-cum-admission form and each student/parent/Guardian will be assumed to be aware of these provision before seeking admission.

Ragging helpline :, 2625819, 1800-180-5522

Ragging is an Offence


Ragging in and outside of the college Campus/Hostel to roads/approaches leading there to is strictly prohibited. If any student is found indulging in ragging directly, the college authorities shall oblige under rule 22, 17, (a) (b) (c) (d) of H.P./University ordinance to expel the guilty students from the college/Hostel. Ragging includes any type of physical or mental torture inflicted by an individual or group, either words or in conduct, which creates an apprehension in conduct, which creates an created there by any person who aids or abets such an action shall be guilty of such ragging. “All students who have been admitted to the college/hostel shall be deemed to have given the following undertaking :I have gone through the rules and regulation regarding ragging and discipline of the University/College/Institution and I here by solemnly affirm that I will not indulge in any act of ragging/indiscipline and that I am found guilty of such offences as are covered under these rules, I will have no claim against the order of rustication/expulsion from the college/hostels. Vide UGC letter No. F-8-1/97 (C.P.P.-II) dated 7-7-2001 for the implementation of the Supreme Court guidelines regarding curing the ragging in educational institutions

Discipline and anti-ragging committee maintains discipline and always remain alert so that no incidence of ragging takes place in the campus.


Anti-Ragging Squad


1) Dr. Pawan Kumar Salaria, (Principal) 9418276297
2) Dr. B.S.Rathore, (Member) 9418320204
3) Dr. Sapna Pandit, (Member) 9418159159
4) Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, (Member) (Office Supdt) 9318638380
5) SDM Office Nalagarh 01795-223024
6) Police Station Nalagarh 01795-223045