Govt. College Nalagarh is among two colleges in Himachal Pradesh which have been selected as a community college for skill development courses under MHRD. A course entitled "Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism" has already been started from session 2014-15

Curriculum and syllabi of this have already been framed at college level and this course will be of utmost importance to local students who are dropouts/ willing to get employment as skilled workers in Hotel industry.

The Community College in Govt. College Nalagarh has been started aiming the empowerment of the disadvantaged and under privileged, showing the right path to dropouts from school and college through appropriate skill development leading to employment in local industry. Community college is an alternative system of education which is aimed to gain necessary skill for livelihood and formal qualifications for social status and societal recognition.

There is access, flexibility in curriculum and teaching methodology. Great opportunity of employment as this education system works in collaboration with industrial, commercial and service sectors of the local area and responds to the social needs and issues of the local community. It also helps in promotion of self employment and small business development, declaration of competence and eligibility for employment.