National Service Scheme(NSS)
National service scheme was formed in India in 1969.The main goal of NSS is to foster national integration and social harmony, its motto being 'Not Me, But You'. The symbol of the NSS, the giant Rath Wheel stands for continuity as well as change and symbolizes the continuous striving of the NSS for social change.NSS helps students understand the community in which they work: it uses their knowledge to find practical solutions to community problems. NSS creates a sense of social and civic responsibility in the students who enroll as volunteers.
These objectives are realized through various activities under the guidance and supervision of the NSS Programme Officers.
The regular activities of the NSS include participation in rallies, seminars, camps, programs on social evils, road safety, the environment and AIDS awareness programs.The volunteers also participate in a variety of cultural programmes and competitions and frequently volunteer their services for the college functions.All the NSS activities of the college are organized and monitored by the NSS program officers.
One of the annual activities of the NSS is the special camp which is held either in a village or in a slum in the city.In this camp NSS volunteers brought various services to the residents.
Besides these activities, the NSS units also organize various camps like blood donation camps and health camps. Apart from service to society, these activities give the student volunteers greater exposure and the wherewithal to deal with social issues.