Vision Statement of the college is to “Nurture attitude, knowledge and skill in individuals to ensure a vibrant society” and mission to “incorporate values according to societal needs”. Education is a continuous learning process. Our college aims at striving to meet the demands of the students from all strata of the society. The vision of the institute aims at following aspects:

to develop a spirit of inquiry among the young learners.
to raise the overall academic potential of the students who are enrolled in this institute.
to integrate academics with the community outreach so that students can serve as change agents.
to serve as a model college of the region not only in academics but also in sports and co-curricular activities as well.



The mission of the institute is to promote knowledge sharing, empowerment and to ensure holistic development of the students through education. The institution works in a manner to make students realise their potential and to encourage them to set their goals and to chase them.

The college tries to realise the needs of the changing social, industrial and global world and create infrastructure accordingly. We also undertake the technological advancement and innovation in Education and Research.
The institution works towards maintaining a balance between theory and practical, academics, co-curricular and sports activities.
The college makes efforts to sensitize the students about social justice, professional skill development and individual dignity.
The college aims at contributing towards the national development by following community centric activities.
The institution progresses keeping in view the syllabi of Himachal Pradesh University and efforts are made to strengthen the academic environment to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
Members of the faculty and the administrative staff make efforts to inculcate the sense of responsibility and communal harmony among students .
Students of the NSS, NCC and Rovers and Rangers are encouraged to cultivate leadership qualities and promoting social responsibility in them.