Principals Desk

Dear Students,

We are going through the hardest time of our lives about which we might have read in our textbooks of history but never witnessed personally. Nature has proved her omnipotence and delivered her message to refrain our foray in her territory. But worst times too motivate us to push our boundaries and to convert the challenge into opportunity. I would like to quote the inspiring words by Bob Riley “Hard times don’t create heroes.

It is during the hard times when the ‘Hero’ within us is revealed.” This is the time when we need to act with courage and wisdom without giving up hope. We must do whatever we can to bring hope tothe destitute, helpless andpoor. Tough times don’t last long when we stand tough showing our solidarity with those who are the most vulnerable. Let’s be empathetic with those who suffer the worst hit at the sametime we must protect ourselves from getting infected during this pandemicby following the guidelines of social distancing, hand sanitization and not going out unnecessary. This is also the time whenteachers are trying their level best to reach out to you through technology to impart education in these testing times. I firmly believe that together we can convert this challenge into opportunityby utilizing our potential to the fullestbut it will no tbe feasible without your active support.

Follow the instructions given by the college administration and teachers religiously. We all sincerely pray and hope that this storm will blow over soon.I reiterate that each moment is precious so utilize this time to the fullest to enhance your knowledge, to hone your skills, to improve your communication skills and above all to identify your true inclination. It will help you to decide your goal so that you may work diligently to achieve it.

Stay blessed always.......

Ms. Suneeta Singh